“Two Truths and a Lie” for March 19, 2013

Alright guys here’s how it works, I tell you three stories.  Two are completely true, and one is completely made up…  You have to guess which one is just a figment of my insane imagination.  I will not provide source links, not until next week’s show, where I will actually reveal the truth and the lie.  It’s an interactive episode, so leave you comments below to let us know which you think is a lie…  This is always a lot of fun… so Lets get started.

See the Video of this Episode on YouTube… http://youtu.be/zfNgnKQPKOw

Story Number 1…

The City Government of a small town here in America has decided to save money by having employees contribute some daily necessities from their own pockets, or should I maybe say… From their own home toilets.  Employees have been asked to supply their own toilet paper.  During a town meeting, the mayor was completely in shock because he had not heard of the new mandate, which was not handed down from he himself, but by a department head.  Man… Imagine being part of that town hall meeting when someone stands up and asks the mayor why they have to supply their own rump ribbon…

Story Number 2…

A funeral director has been charged with harassment for refusing to leave a graveside service where a woman suffered an anxiety attack during the funeral.  The undertaker has been accused of making distasteful comments to family members that included, asking them to please take his business card just in case the woman expires from her episode…  He also was heard whispering to a co-worker “At least we won’t have to take her far.”  It was assumed that he was referring to the fact that this happened in a cemetery. Good grief, dude… And I thought personal injury lawyers were the absolute worst…

Story Number 3…

An East Coast State Dept of Transportation has taken steps to prevent female boaters from being able to flash their breasts to passing truck drivers.  Authorities claim that the “flashing” is causing a distraction among the truckers, and has caused quite a few accidents.  The local police chief has called the initiative a step in the right direction for solving a bad problem.  Well, I have a couple of questions…  First, who is actually defining this as a bad problem?  And second, which truck driver actually called the police to turn the ladies in?

There you have it guys, Two Truths and a Lie… Which ones are which?  We are looking for the lie.  Go back, and listen to the stories again if you have to, and leave your answer in the comments below.  Have fun with this, get your friends involved… It’s our interactive episode, and we can’t do it without you, so be sure to participate.  You can also post your answer on our Social Media Pages, they are all listed on the screen and in the description below.  Use the hashtag #RidonkulousLie.  Be sure to subscribe to our channel, if you haven’t already… This is how you are notified of new episodes.


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